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In October 1971 WLS Chicago wanted to do a jingle series with a younger, more contemporary vocal sound. The result was "Solid Rock". The package was quite controversial at the time, but was used by many top-40 stations. Although the original WLS version utilized 8 singers, in later sessions only 5 were used. This team photo shows (clockwise from upper left) Ronnie, Chris, Randy, Donna and Cheryl. The girls are displaying Xerox copies of their hands for no particular reason (it was a wacky group.)

The "solid rock group" was also featured on several other packages, including the follow-up series "Solid Rock volume 2", and numerous commercials. Although they usually recorded in studio C, this 1972 photo shows the group in studio A. From left to right: Chris, Randy, Ronnie, Julie and Cheryl.

Many memorable PAMS jingles from the years 1967 to 1973 were written by the late Bob Piper. From his modest office, Bob would compose new cuts as well as write vocal adaptations for clients buying existing packages. His good humor and gentle manner went a long way toward keeping the production schedule on track.

Bob Peeples was another member of the engineering staff, whose responsibilities included equipment maintenance. Here we see Bob about to make some fine adjustments with the PAMS "calibration hammer".

Whitey Thomas played the keyboard on many PAMS cuts in the '60s. He was also the first writer/musician in town to become adept at using the Moog synthesizer. In this 1972 photo, Whitey is working at the newly arrived Mini-Moog. He is collaborating with writer/percussionist Phil Kelly on a few cuts for series 44.

As you can see from the photo on the left, in 1967 the building at 4141 Office Parkway only housed the large Studio A. (For a while there was also a small Studio B above it.) Because of increased demand in the 60s, the company needed to add a Studio C. For several years it was located in a rented location several miles away from the main headquarters. But eventually it was decided to build on to the Office Parkway facility. In the 1972 photo on the right you can see the walls for the new Studio C going up.

Photos on this page by Jon Wolfert. Rights to all photos are reserved by the owner.
Photos page 4 Photos page 6


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